Custom domain name setup - spf records - incomplete
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    Custom domain name setup - spf records - incomplete

    Our domain name and website is www.corbamtb.com (hosted by ixwebhosting.com). All email addresses are @corbamtb.com. Ie: membership@corbamtb.com. We have no plans to incorporate this domain/website into WA. Instead we created sub-domain membership.corbamtb.com.Everything seem to be working but the domain setup in WA still shows "Incomplete". IXhost host tech people swear that they updated cname and spf records. Today corbamtb.com appeared in our custom domain list and of course was invalid. There is another issue. "From" email shows: membership@membership.corbamtb.com which is of course invalid address. It should be membership@corbamtb.com (we have this setup as reply). So my question is, will this type of setup work? Can we use sub-domain (membership.corbamtb.com) as our WA custom address while keeping corbamtb.com hosted by ixwebhosting.com???

    Thanks - Danusia





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    Re: Custom domain name setup - spf records - incomplete

    Hello Danusia,


    Firstly, I apologize for the late reply. You can use Wild Apricot using a subdomain, however your emails will be membership@membership.corbamtb.com - you would need to ask your domain provider to set up an email for this subdomain and then forward it to your main email address.


    If your SPF is showing as invalid, you;ll need to ensure it is set up on your subdomain and not on your main domain.

    Matthieu (Ex-Apricot)
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